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What are the implications of being on the Gifted and Talented register?

Students who are identified as Gifted and Talented have access to a range of stimulating and exciting opportunities, both inside and outside of lessons.

Our Gifted and Talented programme is renewed annually for each year group and aims to provide a range of inspiring activities, which are open to all students, each year specifically designed to raise the aspirations of Gifted and Talented pupils.

The School also provides a huge number of interesting subject based trips and clubs that Gifted and Talented pupils are invited to join to develop their passion for and knowledge of specific subject areas.

Within lessons, teachers differentiate subtly to motivate and encourage Gifted and Talented pupils fully using a range of different teaching and learning strategies.

Pupils are not labelled by teachers or singled out, but just as with every child, Gifted and Talented pupils have particular needs in their learning that we strive to meet both inside and outside of the classroom. Every activity run for Gifted and Talented pupils is open to all students in the relevant year group, but Gifted and Talented pupils are invited particularly to take part.

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