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Archbishop Tenison's

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Archbishop Tenison's CE High School
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September 1939 - December 1942
Albert Seaman  Brampton, Canada, January 2000.


When reference was made on the Old Tenisonians' web site, to the school's wartime relocation to Crowborough, several of the older students from around the world indicated that they had no knowledge of that period of the school's history. In response to their inquiries, this essay has been written to throw a little light upon the subject. It is a highly personalized account of the writer's sojourn there. The personal aspects of the story occasionally go beyond direct association with our seat of learning but are included to provide insight into the irregularity of circumstances precipitated by the war. It is unlikely that any of the school's members, pupils or staff, appreciated being uprooted from the comforts of home life and deposited in strange environments. But no doubt the experience was valuable. It expanded our horizons, in a manner and to a degree that probably would not have happened if we had remained in our hometown.

Some of this material is based upon diaries, personal letters, newspaper clippings, photographs and retained school documents. Nevertheless, a substantial amount of the narrative is based upon personal memory and after 60 years, it is possible that although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, errors may have crept in. Unfortunately, none of my contemporaries has emerged from seclusion to enable corroboration of the events. A great deal more could be written about this subject but it would most likely bore readers to distraction. But questions may be asked, and perhaps answered. After all, that's how this started anyway.

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