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From the very big (power stations) to the very small (quarks- strange and colourful)…
From the very young (stem cell organ replacement) to the very old (cross breeding crops and livestock)…
From the fantastically complex (pulsating H-bonds in water) to the beautifully simple (snow flake crystals)…
…science has it all!

The practical and the purely wonderful- something for everyone. The ordinary and the revolutionary- possibilities from each.

In different dimensions science justifies its place as a core subject. But at Tenison’s we are not complacent. We woo them from the Year 6 open evening and taster days, wow them in Year 7 and 8, and win them in Year 9 through GCSE and beyond.


Through Y7 and 8 we offer a broad scheme which develops breadth of knowledge, and practical/evaluative skills that are highly transferrable. We currently assess against QCA levels. As ever, the science curriculum nationally is in transition. At Tenison’s we keep abreast by attending conferences and taking part in leadership, teaching and curriculum development projects. This year we are piloting a new scheme of work fitting the new national programme of study.


Science GCSE begins in Y9 at Tenisons. We offer 3 mainstream pathways to match pupils needs: Core (Y11), Core (Y10) and Additional Science (Y11), separate “Triple” Sciences (Y11). We are implementing a new qualification to support the change to linear, GCSE Further Additional Science. 

Please see the attached document for 9-1 Science here


An increasing uptake from Tenison’s and surrounding Schools. We offer AS/A2 in Biology (Salters Edexcel), Chemistry (OCR B Salters) and Physics (OCR A).


The weekly science club attracts Y7 and 8 pupils for fun experiments. Recent trips/visits include gifted and talented visit to King Medical College Insight to Medicine, Salters Festival of Chemistry, and the annual Y13 Biology residential field trip.

Exciting new ventures have been planned for our tercentenary year, including an all day workshop for year 8 with the Science Museum and Y11-13 visit to CERN in Geneva.

The dedicated departmental team each with a specialism:

Mr Bowers (Physics, HOD)
Miss Puri (Chemistry, Assistant HOD)
Mrs Ghyur (Biology) Mrs Okojie (Chemistry)
Mr Whyman (Physics) Mr Woodcraft (Biology)
Mrs Hagon (Technician)
Mrs Kirithiran (Technician)

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