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This A Level subject is taught by Miss Crompton, currently it is only available at AS level. We follow the AQA specification.

During Year 12 we study Law Making and the Legal System and The Concept of Liability. The Law Making and the Legal System unit encompasses topics such as how laws are made, the process of a case going to trial and sanctions available for certain types of crime. The Concept of Liability unit encompasses the exciting topic of Criminal Law, where we look at the main offences against the person such as assault and GBH (grevious bodily harm). We also look at tort law which looks at wrongs committed by one person against another as a result of negligence.

We are positioned close to Croydon Crown Court, where we regularly get to experience ‘law in action’ by sitting in on trials, sentencing and appeals. We are a well-resourced department, making use of update to date textbooks and access to statutes and case law.

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