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Mathematics is not just numbers and arithmetic. Although we need to become fluent in arithmetic to live our daily lives, there is so much more to Maths. It is the study of structure and pattern. We use it to explore, understand and simplify the world around us. Mathematics is the study of connecting the unconnected.

Through studying Maths, we learn how to reason, how to solve problems, how to ask ‘what if…’, how to explain why, how to create. We learn how to think. In studying Mathematics we learn so much more than just using numbers.

Within lesson time, we endeavour to offer students a varied mathematical diet to encourage and maintain their interest in such a fascinating subject. Activities range from investigations and puzzles, to mathematical jigsaws, to practice exam questions, all involving a blend  of individual, paired and group work.

Outside of normal lessons, the Maths department offers a number of extra-curricular opportunities for pupils of all Key Stages. On Thursday lunchtimes, we run Chess & Puzzle Club in Room 18 for all ages.

Every year, twenty students represent the school in each of the UKMT’s Junior, Intermediate and Senior Maths Challenges – individual competitions comprising of intriguing multiple choice questions designed to stimulate mathematical interest in all. We also enter a team into the Senior Team Maths Challenge (for Years 12 & 13) as well as the Team Maths Challenge (for Years 8 & 9) where we compete against other schools in a range of problem based activities such as the Cross Number Round and the Relay Race.

Year 11s needing help with homework or revision can visit the Y11 Maths Clinic at lunchtime in Room 17 on Monday and in Room 20 Tuesday-Thursday. After school on Friday’s we also run a Sixth Form Support Session open to any Year 12 and 13 students looking for help with particular questions or simply a focussed space in which to complete some independent study.

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