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Archbishop Tenison's

Church of England High School

Archbishop Tenison's CE High School
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Archbishop Tenison's School Tercentenary Celebrations

On Friday 2nd May 2014, Archbishop Tenison’s celebrated 300 years since its foundation by the then Archbishop of Canterbury for “ten poor boys and ten poor girls” in this area of south London. As such, it may be the longest continuously running mixed school in the world.

Thomas Tenison had a remarkable vision for education, way ahead of his time. Three of the five schools he founded are still going in London today, of which ours was the last, since he died in 1715.

We feel this year of celebration marked the beginning of a new phase in the school’s history, in which we can promote academic endeavour, make better use of buildings, create more opportunities for the young people of Croydon, develop stronger partnerships with schools overseas and be something more lasting for education.

We invite you to help us in our 4th Century as a school by supporting and participating in our projects and events, to celebrate the Tenison’s story and impart something new for future generations.

Richard Parrish

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