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Computer Science Department

Computer Science is now the fourth science at GCSE (read the article here) and we have a whole new scheme of work for KS3 to engage, excite and inspire pupils to really get ahead in this subject. The opportunities and possibilities are endless and the key to high levels and grades is doing more outside the lesson and taking a real interest in the subject. The Computer Science department at Tenison's offers GCSE computing (OCR) and the BCS (AQA) GCSE courses at KS4 and A Level Computing (OCR) in the 6th form. Pupils start learning Binary and about the wonderful world of Computer Science right from Year 7! We cover a variety of programming languages including: Visual Basic, Javascript with HTML5, Python, and Java.

Computer Science is about learning to program, and understanding the science, maths and principles behind some of the greatest innovations (hardware and software) the world has seen. Some of the science you will learn (including touching on the emerging field of quantum computing and physics) will truly inspire and amaze you! ICT (Information Communication Technology) is about learning to use applications to our advantage and for the purpose of effective communication. This will include practical skills in everything from creating interactive webpages to animations, using Microsoft Office software as well as the Adobe and Serif Suite of programs.

Miss R Benjamin Marvin

Head of Computing

Recommended sites to get ahead:

www.codeacademy.com (Javascript, Python) www.homeandlearn.co.uk (VB.Net, Javascript and Java) 

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